And welcome back there. An error. If last name is Q so if the user types in Q break so now we can actually exit are program. And after the colon is the keys value. How old is your friend? So the name of the module is boxer By. In a really world example, we previously looked at the find method on what that did waas. Thank you. The last message that we have here, Linda is not installed. These actually just need to be indented. We would see Tony Staunton think of it like that way it helps to think of it as a real world dictionary. Thanks for listening, and I'll see you in the next lecture. So the Forest Line Woz birthday months and we created a list. This is because piping doesn't care about the order in which key value pairs are stored. Last name Staunton. So now let's divide two numbers. Introduction to Python lists: Hi, everybody, and welcome back. The following titles available is available to buy Elon Musk The Everything store So very, very simple. We're adding in months on, we're putting in position tree. We have an error somewhere is our error. Okay, let's run it one more time on. Or if we were Anam, a zon kind of type of bookselling website where we can show the different types of books that we sell, such as hard backs off back or e book. There we go. Now let's call our Kindle fire class. So let's take a look now at how we do this. If the user enters adding ordered and Cube, the program continues on, we print our message, okay, stairs into the way that we can end programs. So let's take a look. It changed a cold around from a previous lecture. As you can see, the first pop up screen do you get is asking you whether or not you want to Sand stats back the anaconda for troubleshooting. Now we've seen the four loop, which takes a collection of items and executes a black of code once for each item in the collection. Thank you. Paris. This way you can write your prompt over several lines, then write a nice, clean import statement. So let's have a look of fixing that now. So it's an Amazon Kendall. I don't know why they were just doing it, but the error was on my side because I didn't write into code that picked up this little bit of extra white space on removed from the email address. Well, how about combining all of these things together? So the main use of strings in piping is represent bits of text like my name here you can use single or double quotes of. I'm still asleep. Well, first it's gonna be my set. Yet 2.7. Which was the function we wrote. I would just correct our spelling mistake there. Thank you for listening and has always. Hello, world. Now, In the previous lecture, we assign values to a variable. And, as always, would have functions reentering the description. So let's assume someone is entered their name into your shiny new Web program. So go ahead if you haven't already and set all that up and then I'll see you in the next lesson. So how we do that, we go class. Attribute default value: Hi, everybody. Use the name. Get E reader name brackets. What we're going to assign. And there we go Very nice, nice and clean. Frank Comment Mary on Karl. So, like I just said, there's a lot going on here but will become very familiar with all of it. That txt. Obviously your operating system select whichever one suits your system. Then you can set the Valley true method, or you can implement the value True method. My brackets have want wrong way around as my i D has highlighted. One plus 1.0, both have the same value. Why? If you leave out this argument, Pie eaten opens the file in read only mode. So instead of the Siri's, we have a list 12345 so we can do more with the range function. And we need to keep our wild truth. So let's take a look at how we will do that. Number five second number zero You can't divide by zero. I've created a new file called Storing User that storing and reading user data. Okay, now. Let's add up method now. Can I spare just hand minutes? As we can just see now we have our parameters open our definition of our function, book type and alter name and an inner function call, which is book description. Plus, let's see what we get there. And welcome back now in our last lecture recreated a book class, and I still have it open here so you can see it here, class book and then all the code within. We then uses variable to tell Peyton which value to remove from our list. And, as I said in this lecture, assumes, remove a passenger from not checked in to checked in the Czech. That's what we could do is think of any word processing program you have ever used. Simple property rental program: Hi, everybody. Where we passed, Tony started. I suppose. OK, so how do we start? So when you pass the arrogant to the function, there is no confusion. Now we're gonna put in two parameters here. How would we deal with that? So, as you can see on the right hand side here, I've copied and pasted in just my e reader class. Please let me know, and I ask any questions you would like in the Q and a section of this lecture. Come up W so you can probably guess what W stands for as file object. Where is a 3.8? And as you can see, where inner test 01 dot p WiFi no one error messages disappeared or one information that disappeared from the bottom right hand side. And let's put in a new to book coordinates and why Coordinates? So, like I said, you could import as many functions as you want using a comma. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. After our classes written, we'll use it to make individual instances, each representing one specific book. So here we go. 93. Now, how do we import one specific function from our module, of which we have two functions into remain program? So that's for a see what variation of piping I have onto that Simply type fightin space hyphen. This course is a step by step guide through the Python 3 programming language. And what is it gonna be? 18. And for us, let's save this save as this top on Save it as numbers on I just replace what I have their replaced. You can stole files. And this lecture is going to be talking about how to write to a file and specifically have to right to an empty file. How do we do that? If not, please ask me in the Q and A. It stands with the line four month in months.