Utsav is a result driven professional with masters in human resource management from IISWBM (Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management), Kolkata. Play this game to practise putting the words in the correct order. 6 average height of giraffe lies between 5 to 6 m and can weigh up to 800 kg. 6) Giraffes usually take rest at various intervals and spend most of the time in standing upright even during the sleep. 2) Leopards, hyenas and lions are the natural predators of Giraffe. As per IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) giraffes are considered as least concerned animals from conservation perspective. There are five basic patterns of sentences in the English language. 1) Giraffes have very long, dark coloured tongue 18-21 inches in length which helps them in protection from sunburn when they search for food using tongue. 4) Giraffes are social animals and they prefer to live in groups. 8. 10 lines sentences on dr. Facts habitat related study materials. These are the 5 line on giraffe mate. 8) Baby Giraffe stands in an hour after the birth and starts eating food within a week. The giraffe was killed with a spear that had been tipped with poison. He loves reading and writing blogs, articles on various topics including social, political, and economical issues. Giraffe is the tallest known animal on the earth. At one point, however, they nearly became extinct due to hunting by humans. Examples: If he comes, ask him to wait. 7 female giraffes give birth to one offspring at a time and gestation period lies between 13 to 15 months. Giraffe lesson for kids. Instructions How to play: Click on the words in the right order to make a sentence. They can run very fast and they need only some water to drink. The giraffe calf can stand up and walk after about an hour and within a week, it starts to sample vegetation. 5 average lifespan of giraffe is around 25 years. There are around a 100,000 giraffes in the wild today. A full grown giraffe is 5. It is a herbivore means who eats plants. It is illustrated with drawings of buffalo giraffe warthog and ca. Billy was a giraffe, too. Great for 6) Young giraffes become mature when they are 4 years old, and they are fully grown when they are 6 … 5 average lifespan of giraffe is around 25 years. 6. 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