The carbon palladium deodorizer removes odor and destroys the ethylene trapped in the refrigerator, resulting in delayed food decay. You can use the Vacation mode to switch off the fridge section when you're going away from home for a while. 40000 and offers great value for money. The price of LG 335 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is around Rs. Another nice feature is the convertible box, which keeps the food fresh longer by maintaining the temperature within certain limits. For efficient and uniform cooling, LG has provided Ice Beam Door Cooling technology, which circulates cold air from the vents along the track to ensure thorough cooling. See specifications, pros cons and latest prices of these products below. If they detect that the conditions of the compartment change then the control system immediately counter steers and ensures that your food remains fresh for a long time. We hope it was helpful for our users and you were able to find a nice new fridge for your home or office. As per the new BEE guidelines, this refrigerator has a 2-star rating. This Haier fridge also has an inbuilt stabilizer. It comes with a convertible fridge feature that lets you use the freezer as a fridge as and when needed in case you need additional storage space. The prices keep changing so please check the latest price and available deals & offers at links below. Explore wide range selection of 301 - 400 l refrigerators online at You can also check the LG 308 L 3 star variant on Amazon. If you need a good capacity fridge with great cooling, new features at an affordable price then this is a good option under 30000. 5. Find the latest 301 - 400 l fridges features by Brand, models, colors, door styles, star rating, and many more. The refrigerator comes with Cool shower technology what it means is that has shelves with in-built air vents. The price of LG 308L Double Door Refrigerator is around Rs. Overall, it is a well-balanced refrigerator. Whirlpool is one of the best brands in the refrigerators category, and you don't have to worry about the performance at all. In terms of features, this refrigerator is frost free (auto defrost) so you do not have to worry about removing the frost. The moveable ice maker can arrange for more space in the freezer if required. The prices keep changing so please check the latest price and available deals & offers at links below. Overall at a price of under 40k, this side by side refrigerator is one of the best refrigerators in India and consumes around 1 unit of electricity per day making it an efficient choice at an affordable ricing. Overall, this is a fully loaded refrigerator and one of the best in this range of 30000 to 35000. All these brands make high-quality products. 40000. The design of the fridge is conventional, with the freezer at the top. Flipkart. It is a 2 star rated fridge as per the 2020 standard and 3 star rated as per 2019 standard. The build quality is great which is expected from Samsung products. The LG refrigerator also has a Door Cooling feature, which ensures an even temperature and cools the fridge faster than conventional cooling systems. Go for it if you are looking for a 400 L double door refrigerator at a price of under Rs. It comes with a capacity of 420L, which is suitable for a family of 5 to 6 members. Once the fridge is connected to the home inverter, every time the power goes off, it automatically takes inverter power to run the refrigerator without any manual supervision or changes required. It will cost around Rs. Buy Godrej RT EON 350 P 3.4 350 Ltr Double Door Refrigerator online at best price in India. It has a total capacity of 564 Litres making it very suitable for families with 5 to 6 members. Overall, it is a great double door fridge under 25000 to 30000 in India from Haier. The convertible modes include Extra Fridge, Vacation, Home Alone, Seasonal and Regular. 31990. It is three stars rated and has an inbuilt stabilizer to handle voltage fluctuation. The prices keep changing so please check the latest price and available deals & offers at links below. It is two stars rated as per the latest BEE standard and will consume less than 300 units of electricity per year. LG products have great quality though the prices tend to be on the higher side as well. LG 335 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. There are plenty of shelves available to store fruits, dairy items, and other eatables. The refrigerator is very durable and has excellent build quality, which is something you expect from LG products. Let's take a look at the best refrigerators under 35000-40000. The refrigerator comes with linear cooling.