Rally style builds are very popular and there are few fantastic options for anyone wishing to go that route – KIT690, Omega kit, KTM Basel build, Rally Raid etc. Since I use only soft luggage, I made Side rack plates so I can secure panniers better. It proved to be tougher than it looks, bike was napping on that time for few time, and not a scratch on heat shield. Would this be enough to damage cylinder, I can’t know, but it good to know that it is safe now. 1 min read 0 Comments, October 25, 2020 Not that there is anything wrong with older 690’s, just newer ones evolved, IMO. I believe that bolts should be upgraded, if bike will be ridden off road. I also use side rack plates to mount Rotopax cans for additional fuel, if it is needed. After some experimenting, I eventually kept OEM brake lever. So, to summarize – light, off road oriented bike, with decent road handling; no need for wind protection, as I don’t ride fast; without anything that is not really needed, as close to stock as possible, unbreakable and though as it can be; luggage for 3-7 days camping trips. It is light, agile and nimble and riding it off road is a joy. November 26, 2020 Latest iteration is great. So I made my own Rear brake cylinder protection piece. It is nice that KTM made it possible to turn off ABS using dashboard buttons, but every time you shut the bike and turn it back on, you need to disengage ABS again. Owner, Gorazd, is great to deal with. And it seems fuel pumps are not failing anymore. It may be “softer” than others, but that may be good things sometimes – some hits are soaked, instead being transferred to the frame. I also got KTM’s foam (part number 59003990250) to keep mud from getting stuck between skid plate and engine and it works well. It comes with two inserts, I always used quieter. At the same time, it is very decent on road. It is slow sometimes, but it is very though unit. Rear brake cylinder can be adjusted (moved longitudinal) throughout full range, so height of brake lever can be adjusted. But OEM clutch lever is too long for my liking, so my ring finger (next to pinky finger) got pinched very often. For longer rides, I use Extension plate too – if I use Mosko moto Reckless 80, Extension plate provides larger surface for middle piece of the bag, and if I use pannier racks with Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags it is nice to have larger surface for duffel bag. It is very good bike out of the box, especially new ones, from 2014, with ride-by-wire and ABS. I like ABS on bikes. I got Seat concept seat for this bike. On my first 690 I experimented a bit with setting it up with aftermarket stuff, but when I bought new bike in 2016 I knew exactly what I need. Brilliant design and machining, it fits perfectly. I tried several foot pegs and I liked Bosley’s most. Part number is 50302031300, and price is just below 50 EUR. Pegs are a bit large, relative to the bike, but it is like having power steering, it is much easier to steer the bike using leg work. 690 has very soft brake pedal out of the box, but material doesn’t allow to be bent back more than few times. Seat on my old 2008 KTM 690 Enduro was slightly better than seat on 2016 bike, but both were bad. It is our top selling product and I really put a lot of thought and effort into it. Bike felt very stable both on and off road. And – I must admit I am not best rider out there, so I need a bike that can compensate for occasional lack of skills. It is not meant for traveling at all. It is simple add-on, yet securing the bags is much easier with it. Another great item I got from Vanasche motorsport – Billet case saver. So, I decided to go for stronger, billet brake lever. I believe in meticulous preventive maintenance instead of dealing with problems as the emerge. New, are bomb proof and they are offered in various sizes. It is relatively light, has great engine with long service interval, it is easy to work on (maintenance and repairs) and it is designed to carry a passenger, so it can carry luggage. On my first 690 I experimented a bit with setting it up with aftermarket stuff, but when I bought new bike in 2016 I knew exactly what I need. Radiator is exposed, and it can be easily bent or broken in case of a fall. With proper tires it can go anywhere. Easy to install, ‘invisible’ when installed and sturdy. There are some rumors that KTM solved rocker arms issue on new bikes. Below is the information on the 2016 KTM 690 Enduro R. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2016 KTM 690 Enduro R use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other On-Off Road motorcycles.To view more specifications, visit our Detailed Specifications. Bolt kit issue is explained HERE, not much to add. I got rid of stock muffler. I usually followed that route for brake pedal too. Here is how it looked brand new. The KTM 690 Enduro R's 67-horsepower single is buzzy, its seat is rock-hard and its 3.2-gallon tank limits range. I usually ride without pannier rack, but when I need it, I use Touratech pannier rack. So, I mounted my Montana on handlebar clamp. I will probably use these foot pegs on my next bike too. For motorcycles, 1 and 1.75 gallon containers proved best. I use Double take Enduro mirrors and I like it a lot. I know several guys that use just Garmin basic mount, and never had any issues with it even on hard endure rides, but I value my navigation device highly and I just cannot rely on that small plastic bracket.